Learn how to implement Integromat with your Qonto account.

Use cases

Here are different scenarios ideas you can use with you Integromat tool:

  • Implement an email reminder of your latest Qonto’s account balance
  • Build daily activity reports and post them on a dedicated slack message on a dedicated channel (Working on it)

How to implement an Integromat scenario?

Implement an email reminder of you latest Qonto’s account…

Zapier is a tool used to connect softwares together. Set up Zapier with your Qonto bank account and automate processes with the other apps you use.

Today, we’re super excited to tell you about how you can link your Qonto account with virtually thousands of the most popular tools and…

All of my team are on Slack, how do I make sure only the right people can see transactions?

What’s it handy for?

Being able to fetch a transaction in real-time from Qonto to any other app is really quite powerful. In this case with Zapier, it’s possible to push any new of your banking transaction in Qonto to a Slack post on a dedicated channel.

This article is part of the Leveraging Your Developer Experience (DX) series. Find out the rest of the content here.

Writing API documentation from scratch is not really a weekend project. And top notch API documentation do take years to be built, including multiple iteration, and back and forth. But that does not mean you should spend months on your documentation before giving your consumers access to it. …

Transactional channels are an invaluable element of any marketing strategy.

By multiplying channels available to marketers, we allow them to be more accurate in their methods of communicating with customers — delivering the right information at the right moment, without being spammy.

SMS — A new asset for our client’s marketing strategy.

As a device, mobile has become a massive communication platform — really effective in terms of penetration rate…

Maxime Champoux

Lead Product Manager @getQonto

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